Saturday, December 24, 2011

it is christmas!!!! my first real christmas in germany. well, i got what i always wanted this year, and that is my best christmas gift of all.
so i celebrated christmas with Daniel's family here in Berlin. it was stressed. but i enjoyed everything. hmm... if you would ask me how is christmas in germany, i would say it is almost the same as our chinese new year's celebration. the differences are foods, culture and beliefs. So, on christmas's eve, they will prepare nice food and gifts. ohh, the most important thing is the Christmas tree!!!! it is totally fun to set up christmas tree.
we always only get to see the fake christmas tree in asian, but here, it is real!!!! they are humongous and the tree gives out some special scent, which gives us the feeling of Christmas. More pictures will be uploaded later. Merry Christmas!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

after so long... i think i will start blogging about my life again.

there's alot of changes during the time of which i did not blog. well, it is true that the only certainty is changes. living in germany indeed is an eye opener for me. i learned so much about life and new thoughts keep flowing towards me until i do not have enough time to digest every of them. i hope i can jot down every of my experiences into my scrapbook. but somehow, that would never happen.

i am lost in the outside world. i do not know what i should do right now. my path is just so dark for me. i do not know if i have made the right choices. i do not know if i should continue what i have started or start all over again. i think the answer lay deep within my heart, but somehow i am just too tired and afraid to face it all by myself.

can anyone please give me some motivation??

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

why do we have feelings and tears. why are we made to shed tears with broken hearted. how do we know that we are sad?
is it simply tears rolling down our cheeks with sadness?
what is sadness and why are made to be sad?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

been quite busy and lazy lately. was wondering around the internet, doing nothing, managing happy farm and barn buddy, then go back to studies. my whole body is aching now, coz i played kickballs (do u know wat this game is??) it was fun only when there's sun. its autumn now. and the weather is very nice. u see colorful leaves everywhere you go. especially when im on my way to school. i need to walk through Namsan and the view i enjoy are like the picture below.
Namsan pedestrian path

Namsan Tower

oh ya, and im going to taipei this coming Friday. i will be only spending three days in Taipei. Nevertheless, im so so xcited about this weekend trip! looking forward to it =)

and wat's next?? hmm, Christmas vacation!!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

i just called my mom, knowing that she just had her great experienced in her life. and now she's enjoying time with the kids and the family in Genting. when i heard that all of them are having fun up there at the peak, my heavy day just out of sudden become so lighthearted. everything just seems bright, and i hope this kind of feeling can last FOREVER!

now i have so many things to worry, and i really hate the feeling when u need to worry this and worry that. it just feels like it will never end and i will keep worrying and struggle until my last breath. is this worth it or not? when i choose another path, and it is necessary to undergo all this? i start questioning myself whether my brave act started to become an escaping route?!

Friday, September 25, 2009

so, its autumn in Korea. after school and hanging out with my friend, i went to Lake Park with Taya. the park is walking distance to where i live and its very beautiful. lots of people said that autumn in South korea is very colourful. maybe it's still early now, the trees are still green and oni abit yellowish.

the lake that we usually walk around.

can u spot the moon?

trying to capture the moon into the scenery.

this is Taya, hello, wat r u looking for??

am having break now from my german class, becoz of Chuseok day in korea. Chuseok day is a thanksgiving day in South korea.

and am now busying with my german school! rargh!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

i went back to the hospital and get my report. it was not life threatening, but it is life torturing. =(

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

i actually have lots of picture to upload, but i dont have some of them. i'll upload those later. meanwhile, lemme show u guys some. this is a picture taken last saturday when we are on our way to meet Taya to decorate a cake for Linda. She's leaving to India soon and so, there's a farewell party held at Linda's place. actually i was kinda excited cause i never been to a shop where u can decorate the cake by avoiding the steps to make cake. it was always very troublesome when one think about making cake and personalized them to their loved ones. right? when i entered the shop, i was amused(see below). 

those pictures which are hanging, is crazily beautifully decorated. of coz we wished to be able to decorate sth like them. (please sont be horrify by our artwork later! lol)

i think she's the shop owner.
u can see how good her business is. 
we choose our ingredients here to decorate. cake is already prepared and even nicely coated with icing. so out job is just to personalized them. isnt fun??!!
we choose stars, choco chips and greentea chips....... 
Taya trying very hard to do her best while the other 2 guys trying very hard to ruin her efforts. LMAO

planning what to do...
tada, our artwork!!!!!!!!

i know it doesnt look nice, but we hav tried our best. decorating a cake isnt easy. 

as u can see, the shop was quite crowded. it was really fun coz u can fool around when decorating with no worries of cleaning all the mess we did! 

to be continued....

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

trip with my baby in SEA. it was a 2 weeks trip and we dint actually take lots of picture. we did lots of fun things and of coz shopping!!!!!!!!! shopping in Bangkok was crazy.