Monday, December 31, 2007

my seniors- siew foong, jia yi
suyi and me- my 2008 roomy

suyi and me at soup spoon!!!

me, jia yi, siew foong, suyi

julian and me! ><
huey chyi and me!

huey chyi and me!

last few neoprints and photos for 2007.....
erm, happy new year!!!!
another year passed in a blink. now am one year older adi ><
no more a junior but a senior to others!
haha, hope i can set a good model for my juniors and hope everyone dreams will come true!
work hard and smart!!!!!!

i like this hostel alotz. its not the place, but the people and friends here tat make the difference! people here are cloz and truhful to each others(thou this does not apply to everyone.haha)
like this place makes me my life so special!!!! hope this place would crave me a memorable and sweet memories for year 2008!!!!!

woot woot

Happy new year!

Friday, December 28, 2007



Tuesday, December 25, 2007

hmm, it's very irritating when u meet the wrong guy! luckily, i managed to block him.haha. i swear i'll nvr go out with him anymore. he's darn irritating. waliao.
now, i'm very boring in my room.
pls, anyone there to entertain me? where's my Mr. Right?
yesterday went to Millions Pub for christmas countdown. thought it would be fun, but was juz so so...haiz, all stranger to me. i prefer spend the time with my friends and family.
it is a karoke pub, lucky me, still can enjoy the music.
hmm, make some new friends. and drank some alcoholic drinks.
almost drunk but still conscious. hate the feeling, make me feel so sleepy and tired.
went back at 4plus morning. very tired.
i dont want to go there anymore, unless with my cloz friends.
alex and me
joseph and me
rebina and me

Friday, December 21, 2007

erm, another "leg" tiring day!!!

it's hard for us to flag taxi at around 11am. most of the taxi were hired and we waved our hand to every sight of the taxi, but....

later, we saw a taxi, he came to us surprisingly...

u know wat, the taxi driver told us tat he saw my bro waved his hand very hard and seemed to be very desperato, but then he was with a passenger at that moment, so, right after he alighted the passenger, he drove back for us..hehe.. we laughed at my bro's act all the way to orchard! the driver told my bro that he doesnt need to flag a taxi so hard, juz lay his hand out will do.. wth..hahahahahahaha....

we shopped in Forum Shopping Mall, Paragon, and Takashimaya.. bought lots of stuff..

but we cant afford shirts and dresses from D&G, it's too ex for us to get it. haiz, i'm aiming at them now, and swear to myself that i will get them one day!!! hohoho... muz wait till i earn lotz of $$..haha.. i'm gonna get u all!!!muahaha.... (>o<)

so, this is the earphones my mom bought for me... it's noice isolated..hhoho..finally, i can truly enjoy my music^^ thanks mom!

oh, yea, bought some channel make up set, it's ex thou, but worth it!!!

we shopped and shopped, until we r so tired.

yeap, needa rest now, tml c wat we gonna buy again..haha!

hey, it's me! taken randomly by my youngest bro...

this is my mom, with her new Dior specs!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

today, i feel so lonely and unwanted.. it's like no one is ur friend in this world...
feel so isolated from the people and from friends... mayb this is the reality, tat i hav no true friends at all..
to somebody, i might seems popular.. but what i really need is not all this. i want to make new friends, truth friends and friends who really give their hearts to you.. i dont want to make friends who hav bad motives towards u or hav any intentions.
y people juz cant be honest and truthful. it's very hurting sometimes.. i'm human and a woman.. pls respect who i am !!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

wasted my parents money. at 1st, thought staying in singpore for some revision, in the end, i do nothing at all. i cant continue this life anymore, i need some encouragement to go on, work hard and do something meaningful. this aint the life i wish for.. with lots of happy and sad thing happened in Nov and this month, i hope everything sweet will continue and the bitter one will be eradicated forever! this month, i met lots of new friends and hav lots of fun.never will i forget this 2007 December. Now, i only hope that i can have a memorable, unforgettable christmas and hope everything is smooth and steady.

Never Give Up!