Friday, February 29, 2008

happy bdae Jessica!!!!!

sorry that i could not get u ur bdae gift on time.. i'll make up for u =)

happy bdae dear!
Jessica cutting her bdae cake
looks very yummy.... *^^*
oh, hey... thanks zong... this is wat u somewat call it my 1st bdae card from u since 18 years.. haha...
cute card =)
my 1st time playing such wuliao and yet interesting puzzle lottery...
this is so cute...
"HUNK"... so u think u r..... =.=
yesterday, we had a welcoming ceremony for the J1s. but, our class was not assign to hav a junior class. it is a great disappointment =( we prepared our class poster and wanted to pass it to them. too bad... we could not.... here is our class posternot bad right....

today is a special day.. coz it is 29th February 2008!!!!!
erm... nothing special today. common test is coming up next week.. ><"
so, needa study already. but, wait.....
on monday, 25th february was my bdae!!!i want to thank all my friends who has celebrated and wished me!!!!

chocolate mousse cake... yummy!!! thanks lots! *^^*

i'm loving it ;)

Monday, February 25, 2008

above is zong taking my set of drinking tea which shown below =)

Zong, u’re really funny leh.
U asked aunty in Ipoh to get my Singapore Phone number.
Omg. Tats so extra la.. keke.. but i’m very touch tat u did that juz to wish me on time. *^^*
1st, i wanted to apologize to the aunty who waited for so long.
2nd, why not u keep my phone number with u huh???? (heartbroken =.=”)
Then aunty told u to wish me in the internet, but u afraid tat i will check the mail tml..
so, in order to wish me on time, u die die also must call me, if not, i’m going to !@#$%^&*.
Hehe. But u did it! Well done.
Btw, tat call was a bit, erm....hmm.... la. Coz all criticising me one.. i tat low “quality”???? hello... i’m not lor..
u guys always break my heart and demolish me.
wth.. wat to do... i think this is what that defines our friendships.... and our complicated relationships....
haha.. anyway, thanks for the wishes!!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008



Tuesday, February 12, 2008

i never believe in long distane relationship.
when i tried it out, this hs proven my hypothesis.
i need to be firm on my stand and pls.. no more delaying.
the longer u delay, the more hurt he'll be.
make it short and fast, so he'll not be that injure!

please give me the strengths!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

hmm... i think i should give u a chance...
but, once u miss this chance, i'm sorry..

Saturday, February 09, 2008

<= gathering photos in ipoh:
lee hwang and me at starbucks

zhong acting cute!!!

zhong and me at starbucks

huey chyi, lee hwang and me

huey chyi and me
time fly... really fast! juz like that, this year cny ended...
erm, this year, i had a free trip back from ipoh. reason is that they cheated us for waiting the bloody bus.
1st of all, we were informed tat the bus we suppose to take was encountering some technical problem. thus, they gave us 2 choices, 1) take this bus to SUNGAI BULUH(KL) and then transfer to the coach to Singapore. 2) wait till 12midnight and there will be a coach coming back to fetch us. no transfering of bus. we thought second choice would be a better one, but, when we came back at 12midnight, we dont see any shadow of a bus!!!!! the passengers complained and were frustrated for the delayed. they told us to wait tll 12am, but where is the bus!!!???

the company said that there's a traffic jam and the bus is arriving soon. but it's not a coach. wth. tat means we need to transfer in KL. we felt so cheated and asked for compensation. okay, frankly, most of the passengers complained and scolded the bus company. i knew they shouldnt hav done this, but when one of the staff scolded one of the customer, it is a big "". how rude nor fierce the customers are, a staff should not shout back and quarrel with them. at that moment, the company was in a chaos! the bus to kl is a 40 seats bus. tats y, i dont really hav a nice rest on this bus and it was a diasater.

we arrived sungai buluh at around 3am. and arrived sg at 7.30am.

not to mention this bus company. but hopefully, this case will not happen anymore. because, it brings lots of unnecessary worried and arguments.

am tired now... going to sleep..

Thursday, February 07, 2008

i got my hair done =)so, pls dont complain for the stupid hair extension!!!! no more liao!
i bring my dog our for walk and play with her... she's so obedient =)
i ate alot.. like pig.. haha =)
i gambled and received lots ang pow...

tml, will be meeting relatives and zhong hao!!!!
HAHA cant wait to c him!