Wednesday, April 30, 2008

post competition celebration!!! wei zhou and yi hui
me and tian zhu... in pepper lunch
with our mask on...
the 6 characters in the drama
hmm... i was forced by the teacher to to this... =="
Lynn and Xue Xiang

yea.. here come the photos taken on my chinese drama competition. though we only managed to clinched silver, we are happy to hav learned lots from the process. result is secondary, the process is the primary!!!!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

hmm... today i read my friend's blog. she is studying in england, going to edinburgh soon. (Wow...somehow, i'm really proud that she make it there =))
so, i'm really glad that life really getting better for her there... her life seems to be so colorful and those are what i always dream of-- the never coming dream- enjoying 4 seasons, making use her weekends fully by doing sth at least more meaningful than me ==", and enjoying the culture at the other parts of the world. basically, what she's doing there make me feel so jealous.. haha... will i hav such a life one day?? i'm pondering and asking myself when i was reading her blog filled with tonnes of interesting post and of coz, her sense of humour!!

living in singapore, i dunno whether i shld say i'm happy or i'm very fortunate; perhaps, its a misfortune??!! with piles of tutorials stacking on my desk (plus lots of readings piling on the floor) rargh!!!!!!!!!!!! what should i do?? i know i shouldnt procrastinate anymore, but juz, i'm too lazy to move my butt off the bed and am really sick to do the continuously-coming- assignments!!

huh, my relatives thought that i hav real good life here... incontestable, i hav everything i wanted here. but in exchange, i surrender my freedom, stubborness of a teenager, love from my family and most importantly......

i have been living in the hostel for 4 years!! 4 consecutive years!!!! can u imagine the discipline that has shaped me and still shaping me now, the urge of independence that call upon me since 4 years ago when i was 15 and never left my family before.

maybe it's just part of my learning process and perhaps, i shld be thankful that singapore has exposed all the negative part of life. or shld i curse them for maturing me so early?? (though some of my friends still think that i'm too naive) ...

hmm... life is like a trade cycle... but my life in singapore never reach the peak before. and now, i'm waiting for the crest to arrive. =)

hope for the best!!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

they said i am the PIG. ==" and the turtle is my favorite animal. haha. they personalised this for me... cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ><
okie.. this is a very belated bdae gift from my classmates- Lihui and Marie. thanks lotz ya. branded stuff are not always the best, is the heart tat matters. ^^

Monday, April 07, 2008

i'm looking forward to sunday =)
anyone can explain...?? haha... it's secret. muahahaha...
p.s.: piggy shiew know the answer. wth. =="

Saturday, April 05, 2008

today i went to Bishan Library-- study. haha.. (big news?????keke)
hmm.... studied phys, math and cse.
then met julian, hoekit, and savy.
oh yea, hoekit and me chatted with simpson.. our senior. he got straight As for his A level. kinda inspired me.and i'm very proud that he made it to Kings in uk.
oh, i watched "Untraceable" with Savy... great movie!!!!! and i like the ending.. umm... u guys shld go and watch it

finally, i want to say that i'm glad to hav so many nice friends around me, supporting me.... thanks alots..... life would be tough without u guys supporting me along the way... i think i would hav suicide without u all.... haha,kidding la..
anyway, thanks lotz....................

Friday, April 04, 2008

this is a pic taken during Yi Neng's bdae. hmm... girls only k... haha

yup, so this was the strawberry cheesecake we all had.. yummy...can u see the "reflections" of the sugarcoating on the strawberries???? it made the cake so.. so....


before we leave the room

last sunday, i went to starbucks at Novena, United Square with Leng Shiew to study. hmm... been mugging for the whole day after my yoga ...

this was a pic taken when hoe kit and i went city hall to get my bathing stuff.. so, we stopped by at tcc for a tea break =)

hmm... i forgotted the name of this drink.. its latte with macha... u can try and get a taste of it... not bad to serve with cookies ^^

finally, i received my very belated bdae cake from renanda....

haha... it's so delicious right.... one word.. yummy...
yesterday night, zong called me from Perth.
we were chatting about our plans of studying in uni in future.
we were so engaged in the topics and really excited bout it.
the plan really motivated me to study hard and hopefully one day, we will meet each other in the other parts of the world.. hmm... sound excited right???? i do really hope this will happen.. (praying and working hard for it now..)

tml is saturday... have been slacking after my gp remedial with mr pang (a great english tutor!!)
now, i'm juz so lazy and am procratinating everything... sigh...
i need to buck up.. CHIONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!