Thursday, July 31, 2008

this week has been a busy week for me.. past few days had been busying with tonnes of papers and revision for Prelims. phiew, i survived! and am still looking forward to the coming-more revision!! oh, finally, it's friday and tml is the start of my short weekend. this weekend goona be a very pack one for me...

besides having the basketball finals and attending concert later in the evening, tml there'll be an Asean Dance in Fullerton's ballroom. and tml Asean Dance would be my last year of my life! gonna appreciate it!! after that, i'm gonna hav dinner or supper with my besties!!! lol. i'm so excited and at the same time, feel so stress for the coming prelims. hmm... i can do it!!!!!

one good new: i was awarded for SKM Gold and SINGA Merit Award! am really happy... told my mom and at the same time, asking her to buy me a SLR i know i'm spoilt.. but.. cant help it... coz i really wanna one camera!! mom... plzzzzzzzz.... and thanks lots ;)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

racial harmony pic..

i juz got one with me now.... the rest gotto wait for MR JONATHAN... lol... hello.. pls upload them asap..LOLz..

me, funny kwek, Li hui, Marie... CHEESE!

my happy day...

it's a happy and fulfilling day for me...

hope everyday i will has this feeling!!!!! coz it made me feel so.. so... HAPPY!!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

happy belated bdae kimmy... my new rommy.. lol

sory for not be able to stay awake till ur bdae celebration. hope u like the piglet and the pic taken =)

happy sweet 18!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

i dont feel attached to my family now.. feel kinda far from them..
some words which u dont mean it, or say it without noticing it..
hurts alot and they are really mean to me...

i don wanna go home...

Friday, July 25, 2008

today sat for the NTU physics concept test.. it's fxxking hard!!!! lol...
anyway... gonna study now!

but feel like watching movie!!! yean thing, resist the temptation!
yesterday was Racial Harmony Day!! all my classmates dressed themselves up in ethnic costume... (we the gurls force the guys to do so by threatening =p)
yea, it was a tiring and uneasy day for being "stiff" in my dressing...

today, we juz got into the final for basketball. hmm... it was the toughest game i ever had... the basketball competition was about to turn into a fighting among the guys.. so yea.. luckily we won them and yea, i'm proud of 2t24!!!! 24 rocks!!!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

erm.. today was a hectic day. first day of the week, and yet i feel so busy and lots of homework waiting for me...

so yea,juz finished talking with zhong, mom and bro.

my bro told me that he wanna study in singapore international skol.. hmm.. that muz cost quite a sum of money... plus my another bro going australia to further his studies next year... and i think that would add some "pressure" on my dad. lol. 老爸,辛苦你了!

and i told mom that i'm visiting zhong end of this year!!! lol.... she was kind of worried cause she cant accompany me.. haha.. and i dont want her to follow me to australia.. coz i wanna rock Australia!!! hohoho... Zhong, prepare me lots of entertainment and foods!!! 哈哈! and the places u promised to bring me!! kekekekekekekeke... the g.a.y. bar!! lol

yea.. i am kinda planning what i'm gonna do after my A level. and i seem so busy. cuz besides going to shop in shanghai and home stay in zhong's place(plus visiting Lee's place in sydney), i got to take my SAT for real and serious. lol. yea.. muz get 2200 points and above. fighting!!!!

study time!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

tired... today spent a day in Suntec education fair. then shopped in suntec and bought a lotion =)
hmm... asked few universities and actually the requirements are not hard to reach. so, yea.. as long as i focus on my studies, i think i can make it to where i want .

Saturday, July 19, 2008

有时侯觉得自己很白痴, 明明不喜欢你对别的女有兴趣, 你的偏偏要对他们有意思.


Friday, July 18, 2008

hmm.. prelims in 38 days.. kinda stress!!! gotta overcome it! lol.

yea.. i cant wait of the day where i finished my Alevel and fly to shanghai and hong kong for my shopping spree!!!!! for the time being, i try to encourage myself to hang on and bring out the best of me.. becoz Alevel would determine my future career and life that i'm going to have. so, cant really screw it up!

juz few more months of mental torture and i would be free from this place forever. erm, i might miss the people here (not everyone though) but definitely, i think i prefer my uni's life in overseas.. man, juz thinking about it makes me so excited and charged with fuel to study for my A level. coz i truly believe that if i do well in A level, my future will be a lot brighter than what i am viewing it as now.

so, jia you!!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

今天marie 和lihui 没上学。。。班上就剩下我一个女生。还好,今天只有三节课,不然。。。

erm, 其实我今天写部落客是想写我对他的感情。


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

hey, sarvi... i "repaired" the broken piggy bank....

its ur 1st bdae gift for me... and it was broken into pieces when i got it... so yea...

hmm... maybe the god is trying to tell me sth.. lol.. ur good intention doesnt apply on me.. haha..

thanks anyway!!

almost there =)

yea... this is the best i can do ^^
i can feel the tension and pressure of prelims which is in 5 weeks time.
it's kinda scary.. coz i muz perform well in this exam and cannot screw up my uni addmission!
today, all my classmates stayed in the classroom during recess instead of spending the whole recess in the canteen. kinda surprised yet i like the feeling of studying as a class during the break! lol.

i truly believe that what i learned now will be very use ful for me in the future... and i really do enjoy learning new things everyday and getting closer to what's happening around the world. yea!!!

this is what i've forced to memorize today by teacher =)
" we have no obligation to make history. we have no obligation to make art. we have no obligation to make a statement. to make money is our only objective." Michael Eisner, CEO, The Walt Disney Co.

so yea, gotca go study!!!! happy studying! ^^

Monday, July 14, 2008

hey, marie... sometimes, anger can blinkered ur perception.
here are something for u...


nothing is perfect. why not give him a chance?? giving up this relationship when u 2 are still in love of each others is something really stupid. aint it torturing and hurting?? why make life so hard when in can be sweet nothing... lol

be my role model couple kay.... =)

p.s.: yean thing asking u eh.... lol.. and this advice is from yean thing.. lol...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

went out with him today and had great time with him. he brought me to a Korean Restaurant to get a taste of Korean Traditional Food.. yummy... i was so hungry.LOL.

yea, first we had some side dishes... to my surprise, i like them a lot despite some of them are spicy...

then, here come the Kimchi Soup with Pork. (trying to remember the name....ah.. still cant remember it.. sorry)

then here come the pan fried egg with onion, pepper..... yummy...

and finally, the yellow fish.. but he said the taste was totalluy different from what he had in Korea... so... yea.. he dint like it so much..

yea... so we went to buy his earphone in Sony and then we walked to youth park then to Somerset before we went for movie- Hellboy2

i'm kinda tired actually, coz yesterday, i had my school interclass basketball and floorball competition. my legs were aching actually when i was walking with him.. (pain!! ><)

really hav a great time =)
thanks lots

Thursday, July 10, 2008

teachers said that i have great improment in my GP. i am really happy cause my effort had paid off. it's juz the beggining of my GP journey and i have lots of work to be done so that i am fully prepare in my A level!

now, am really concern with my other subjects. it's not the matter of whether i pass or not, but to get A in every of them. kinda stress out and cant slack anymore!


and to all my friends who finished their A level, all the best in ur result and ur uni application!! enjoy the holidays that u guys worth it!!!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

the worst math exam i ever done in my life!!!!
to me, math used to be very easy and it can even be classified as my easiest scoring subject..
but, this year, the consequences of neglecting math really taught me a lesson.

i'm so damn sad and really let my teacher down. i said sorry to her and tears filled my eye bag. luckily, i managed to control my tears and hold it back during the lesson. i'm really sorry to my teacher, my parents who always wanted me to score well in every subject especially math.

i promise i'll practise every single day and will not let u guys down in prelims!!!

watch out! LOL.

Monday, July 07, 2008

today, watched "Wanted" starred by Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman and James McAvoy. it was a nice movie with exciting and thrilling plot. LOL. and yea, i like Angelina a lot!! she's damn hot! the hottest women i ever seen.

then went to hav burger king. hmm.. it's been ages since i hav fast food. this time, i dunno why i had it... and i dont really like the feeling of being fed by fast food. it's so fattening.. and all my workout turned out to be in no more fast food next time!!!!

it has been a peaceful day for me today... everything seems to be normal and calm.. with no ups and downs.. but i dont wan to say that "i'm cool".. coz i'm not actually..

trying to be as normal as usual, i sometimes hope that i never knew u and perhaps life would be alot better to me now.... unfortunately, i need to face the cruel reality which i often tried to escape.

i hate my life for the time being... can i rewind backward or fast-forward the pace of my life??
hey, i cant sign in my friendster account.. wth...

Saturday, July 05, 2008

sometimes i choose to remain silent...
but without communication, there'll be no understanding..
and without understanding,
everything is superficial...

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

hmm... kinda moody today.... anyone there to cheer me up??

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

hmm... today school reopens. i can feel the stress during this morning assembly where the principal addressed us that prelims is in few more weeks to go. rargh!!!! i should start my revision now before it is too late. i wan to pass my prelims wif flying colors.!!!! and i tell myself tat i'm not going to fail myself!

today, the lesson i enjoyed the most is Physical Education (PE). we had outdoor activities, and it teaches us to get use to non-comfort zone. also, there are few activities, which are really fun to play wih my i really enjoy it alot!!!

i learned 2 things: 1) play ur own roles
2) team work- very crucial to success

p.s.: andrew kwek totally gone crazy with music. haha.. everyone laugh like mad. lol