Tuesday, September 30, 2008

today, i'm absolutely in a good mood! my bro came down to singapore with his gf. then he brought me mommy's food!!! lol. i miss them so much. really had a fulfilling breakfast and the soup... yummy. nth is comparable with mommy's soup =)

and then, in the noon, mom called me. i tot it was sth important.
haha.. and u know wat, she called me juz to said that she bought a new phone and give up iphone. 
so, here's the new phone she bought
tada!!!! its Samsung Omnia!!!!!

i never knew my mom is so updated. haha. i told her what for to get a phone that is so high tech.. coz she's not tech savvy... plus, she dont even sms alot. so, u can tell hw "good " mommy is in using a phone right. 

haha... she then told me she like the design coz its touch screen and is very such similar to my LG Prada. i'm like... "okie.. but i thought u only use Nokia!!"
then she told me that, this phone is perfect for her, and she chosen this!!! 
u see, my mom is so cute and funny!!!

oh yea, tml i'm gonna have dinner with my bro. with his gf's family. got invited by them =)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

less than 40 days to Alevel.
it's gonna determine my future.

Monday, September 22, 2008

today after school, three of us had a nice talk. everything is bcoz of misunderstanding.
erm, its part and parcel in life. we could not avoid them but to face them by forgiving and forgetting.

hey, u 2 hot babes... thanks for all the understanding!!!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

hey jon and marie, i'm really ok with it. lets forget everything unhappy stuff kay =)
 Marie, see u tml with a BIG smile!!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

happy birthday Glen. it was a nice bdae dinner but not with some nice "ppl".

sorry to say that. today, it supposed to be one of the awaited Happy evening. but things dint turn out the way i expected bcoz of a simple, demanding, rude, sweet message...
sweet is not meant for me but to the gurl....

okok. i arrived there and told yx about the message i received. and then Lihui. was instructed not to show to the gurl. so, i dint show and pretended that there's nothing. sadly, she dint believe me (yea, u're right for not believing me), then we tried to forget about this message and ask her to take out camera for camwhore since all of us dolled up!

she' angry coz i hide that message from her and she refused to use her camera. i'm like..... trying to persuade her and tell her not to be so xiao qi. but in the end, she still refused.
ok, as i was instructed not to force her something beyond her will, i stopped persuading her anymore. and got really pissed.  isnt it my right to choose not to tell u? plus i was instructed not to tell u. ok, u may argue that u hav the right not to use the camera, but bcoz of the small matter and u forgone the sweet memories that we had, is a very stupid thing to do. u can choose not to take me, but others ppl may want to picture down this special evening.

i seriously think that u're really unreasonable. u see, if i tell u about the message (which i did after i leave the place) u're gonna to tell him right? so, wat u want me to do?? he asked me not to force u, but i think u could not be persuaded no matter what. so, the message actually is sth that ruined our evening!!!! FXXK! AND THERE'S NO FUCKING POINT TO SEND ME THE FUCKING MESSAGE! how i wished my phone no. were only accessible to message that i desired.

i'm sorry that i'm so rude, but i really cant stand the stubborness, the unforgiving attitude and the fact that using others stuff to make ur revenge of not getting sth u want. its utterly stupid.
i'm so upset and am really sad that why i hav such friend. i told myself that i need to accept who u r and forget all the silly stuff u made. i told myself that it may be juz sth u want to do to make urself feel good.... i told myself that i need to keep this friendship and not to ruin it. so, i'll cry it all out tonight and forget about it. i'm so upset that i vomit everything out! it was kinda torturing.

u think i'll be angry or upset that u dint allow me to stay over ur house?? ok, first, a friend will respect ur decision and will unders10 ur hardship. so, i nvr take into my heart about it. and actually, i was really ok about it. its juz a small matter. hw long hav u know me... i'm not the kind of ppl who angry easily.... (but the above incident, i really cant help it!)
then lihui and yx. i dunno whether i hav done sth wrong that u guys always go against me. maybe its a joke or anything. but the way u guys treated me, i felt so sad, betrayed and so stupid for protecting u guys and sided u guys when others gossip about u guys. maybe others are right about u guys. but still, i still ignored them and supported u guys!

perhaps, i'm too childish for u guys or i'm not up to standard to u guys. i seriously wanted to change class so badly and wish i never knew u guys. my heart is so broken and i hav nth to say, but leave the place early before my tears come out!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Glen's bdae dinner coming this Saturday @ Millenia Walk, Outback Steakhouse. hmm.. gonna be a crazy party.lol. 

Sunday, September 14, 2008

went to Clarke Quay and have fun with my gurls after our prelims. curfew destroyed my night. nevertheless, i enjoy every moment there!!!! great food, great place, great people and great laughter!!!!!

Yuxiang came!!!!


sweet smile!!!

dunno when marie got this pic. lol

Marie took a pic of this hotty!!!! omg, he's damn hot kay!!!!


haha... i'm being crazy, i guess

like their decor alot!!!

taken by Marie, she said this is the best...

Lychee Martini... nice...

Peach and Lime Magarita... juz so so... not as good as i expected 

haha.. lihui's back and me... i dunno what i'm doing.. yea.. marie took it

taken during our dinner at Hooters. it was mooncake festival celebration. 

my salad!!!! yummy!

Grilled Salmon

somewhere in Clarke Quay

Clinic Bar, i'm so tempted to go here!!!

This is Marie

like this pic much!!!!!!!

gonna have more after A level!!!! cant wait i finish school and stay out of the boarding skol!!!! muahahahaha.. (evil laugh)

Friday, September 12, 2008

hola everyone!!!
Prelims ended!!!! muahahahaha.. and am o excited. lol

life seems to be so slow when u hav nth to do and worry and stress...
but all this will come to an end in few days. (wake me up pls... coz i'm living in denial!!!)

nevertheless, live everyday like there's no tml!!! nightey

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Shanghai... Shanghai.. i'm coming.... =)

but 3 more months......

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

i'm so so so happy!!! prelims going to an end soon.... and i did not bad in my math paper today. hahahah... it has been so long since i have this feeling...
hope i'll get the same feeling after my A level!!! 


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

ooooh  lalat 8)

i am a fly. a very big fly.
i sleep, eat, shit and watch tv, everyday.

hand and shoulder darn tired!!!! today taken my china studies paper and econs paper 1. both are tough but tml papers (math paper 1 and physic paper 3) will be more demanding T_T

after econs paper, i felt so cheated and really wanna kill myself. how can i be so careless!!??
wat the...
i cant deny that the paper is really tricky.. but y am i not as cunning as the paper!!!! rargh!!!!!!

anyway, thanks to everyone who wishes me all the best and good luck this morning.. it really brightened up my day....erm.. maybe lightened up a bit la.. coz the effect of stress really cannot be offset... lol

okok.. gotta rest now...

Saturday, September 06, 2008

its sunday morning... and i'm now still not ready for prelims!!!!!!!!!! DIE!!!

anyway, juz knew that yeekan is now a stewardess!!! so cool. wondering when she will be serving me.. lol

okok, gotta back to study liao... -_____-

Friday, September 05, 2008

have been crazy studying and slacking.... my mini table is full of crazy math. has been trying very hard to stuff them into my brain.. and hopefully, i can apply them in exam!!!!!

then, here are some encouragements from nice people =)

dark chocolate from Germany =) thanks lots ^^ its really nice..

one more thing b4 i go to bed...
the chain u see below, i lov them so much...coz around 500 sing dollar...  it doesnt really look great in pic.. trust me.. its really nice when u hav them in front of u!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

last night had a great talk with an "old" friend. felt so great after chatting and laughing on phone..
life would be monochromatic without u guys... thanks for coloring up my life =) 

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

u know wat... when u did sth wrong and u admitted that u're wrong and apologized.. still, the person angry about it... ask thus person to F* off kay!!! i dont need a friend like this.. its juz a small matter... and i dont understand why take it so seriously...

a true friend wont get angry so easily.. a friend will accept the apology and have the compassion to forgive and forget. this is really true as a true friend will not mind small things like this!! lucky u're not my (cloz) friend. (and u never will!!!) u're so fake and u dont hav friends in this place.. pity u...

ok..enough of polluting my blog. i wanna ask u guys a question..
do u all know y there's a bite in the Apple of all the Apple's products (ipod, macbook, iphone...)??
we've been using it all the time and yet most of us seem to be oblivion about it.
hmm... i coundnt really find the exact answer. after days of googling, here are some of the result:
1st ponder these few questions...

then found one info which comply with the discussions i had in the skols by a monk during the student development programme, on the issues of homosexuality

yea... there are many discussions of how apple logo came about... however, to know the real answer, y not ask Steve Jobs?? he shld be the most reliable source of answer... =)

Have A nice Day!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

cant stand my nail.. so, i went for manicure... 
okok.. in the mood to study now... =)
Jia You!!!