Friday, October 31, 2008

hep peeps, here's a very cute video.. and muz watch!!!!!!! its juz too wasted if u dont watch them. trust me, i'll bet u'll like it!!! 

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

abit emo now... i hav gone through lots of thoughts these few days. 
how do u feel when a friend has changed and no longer behave like he used to be and dint make u as his priority anymore.. sometimes, it juz hurts. it's not about the privilege and attention u received, but its respect and care that minds me. very true that when friends doesnt meet that often, the friendship tends to loosen and eventually the loop juz gyre. 

i admit that i do take it for granted. but, it juz the way we communicate.isnt it?

hmm.. end of my emo.... i dont wan to think about it anymore.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

something to laugh, okok, it may not be funny to u.. but i laugh till my ass drop!

so, here's the incident.

in my hostel, there's 2 cleaners, one from Bangladesh and the other one from India. 

one day, the aunty C, who is in charged of the canteen, packed lunch for them from the remains of breakfast.

so then, u see, the india worker is really poor and never eat Prawn before. so, he juz ate the packed food which had prawn in it. 

few hours later, he got rashes and whole face swollen. so, he panicked. bcoz he though he's going to die. (u see, they are not educated and he doenst know that he is allergic to prawn!!)

then, he's collegue from Bangladesh saw it and said, "nono.. ur face swollen, no india adi!!!!" 

after hearing those words, the india worker shivered and panicked... coz he thought he's going to die soon. 

later, this bangladesh worker brought him to see the hostel management, Aunty S. then her 1st response was,"u're too dark, i cant see anything!!!! wat happened?" 

so, finally, he was brought to a clinic and yea... he knew he is still alive!

hence, the moral of the story is... not to be so paranoia and education is so important! 

Monday, October 20, 2008

i had a nightmare last night..  in the nightmare, i hate my mom and youngest bro out of jealousy.
it was an undesirable and the most emotional, ordeal dream i ever had. of coz none of us want to be in such a situation where u hate ur loved ones so much!

last night, before i sleep, 2 of my hostelmates (hey, if u 2 see this, thank me for not saying u a P_ _HAHAHA) came to my room and requested me to do something really stupid that is to tie our hair into 2 pony tails (thanks to the little P_ _'s idea!!!!) we totally gone crazy with it and took few pictures on my laptop's Photobooth.
at that moment, we were all fugly.... so yea, need some cute thing to cover our face.
but, i left out the mouth part.. to let u guys imagine how idiotic we can be in the midst of our exam preparation!

so, yea... its another morning... happy studying and hav a nice day!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

ok.. i broke my own rule... surf net, see crap and chat crap... haha
ok.. so, i went out and study with my little piggy... @ TCC, Plaza Singapura.
b4 we go back, we went to try out yummy shaved ice with mixed fruits.
fuel to chiong.....

then, we ran out of power and head for some sugar rush!

so nice till we finished everything in 10 min!!!! LOLs.

we were kind of bored.. trust me, under stress, we can do sorts of stupid sth above!!!! during our dinner in the dining hall..

Sunday, October 12, 2008

need to focus!!! so, discipline myself for not going to the net till exam over!

jiayou everyone!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

yesterday, we celebrated Leng Shiew's bdae at Central, Clarke Quay. so we camwhored and hav lots of nice food.. it was a really enjoyable saturday, despite our exams giving us all the stress.LOL. and yea, pls enjoy the pictures below. it's reverse... from the bottom till the top is the right sequence!!!! ENJOY!!!!! *^^*

so dao.... guess who?? but look better then not dao..

HAHA.. i ended the pic above... i shld be happy.. but i juz look like... haha... anyway, happy bdae Leng Shiew!!!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

after our graduation ceremony, we went to Lao Beijing to have our high tea. ordered lots of dim sum and u know wat, my class guys ate more than 20 basket of xiao long bao and fried dumpling. they really can eat..  A LOT!!!!!!!
then, we took pics =) but marie's camera ran out of battery. lucky i brought my instant camera. and yea, with that, we took more than 30pcs of pics. it was really fun. we joked and talked craps

hey guys, i really enjoyed the moment we spent. though we graduated, hope we all still keep in touch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 outside Novena Square

at Lao Beijing

p.s.: Marie, i dint post ur so called ugly photo.... haha... see i'm so niceeeeee!!! haha

Thursday, October 09, 2008

today is the day that marks the end of my formal school life and the beginning of the journey as an young adult. for long i have been waiting this, thought it would be full of joy as i'm gonna say bye bye to all the restrictions and rules we had in school. however, the joy i have is all the achievements and friends that i made. i can feel the pinch of pain for all that i anticipated. i think i will miss the tutorials and lectures, break in the canteen with fellow classmates, skipping lessons, discussing stupid things with classmates and all other stupid stuffs that we did. very true, all these memories that we tend to forget or take it for granted, is something that we would love to remember for the rest of our lives, and perhaps the most meaningful moments that we had shared! 

during the graduation ceremony, i cant believe I, myself attending it.i told to myself, after this, the next ceremony i'll be attending would be university welcome ceremony(if there is such thing)LOL.

UNIVERSITY!? it used to be a far far dream for me. and yes, i'm gonna go thru the torturing and hectic, demanding uni application process. 

well, i've juz complete another chapter of my life. it's my time to make an excellent conclusion before i head on to start a new chapter.

hey peeps, all the best in A level and may u all ace everything!!!!!!

and for my friends already started the new chapter, all the best!!! (p.s.: zhong, i knew u have started urs early, perhaps, u're gonna end the new chapter i mentioned and sooner, u're gonna blend into the society and start another new life.... this mean.... u're so much older than us.. muahahahahahahaah... okok.. joking la) *^^*

so yea, stay happy always! 

Monday, October 06, 2008

hello....wanna share this(the article below) with all my friends =) this is so true and i hope something like that wont happen btw us!

cherish and treasure every moment together!!!!













我們總是以為,昨天如此,今天如此,明天也一定會繼續如此。今天與朋友告別,我們以為不久一定可以再見到面,因為日子既然一天一天如此的來,當然也應該這樣一天一天地過去。昨天今天和明天,應該是沒有甚麼不同的,但是,就會有那麼一次,在我們轉身的一剎那,有的事情就是全不一樣了。 在時空長河中,人類實在太渺小,永恒與瞬間,幾乎沒有差異。體會生命的無常,使我更珍惜當下的每一時刻,當下的每個因緣聚合。




adapted from

Sunday, October 05, 2008

it was supposed to be a happy weekend. hmm.. i ended up bruising me knee and locking myself up to do the uni admission stuffs.

the bruise is really killing me. its swollen and my knee is utterly unglam! 
not that only, i can even walk properly!!!! sian diao.. slippery is not a play play. it could kill anyone of us anytime... and i'm the unfortunate to bcome one of their victim. rargh!!!!! 

mom and dad gonna scold me again for being so careless....

Thursday, October 02, 2008

the only one that i miss.. and i know i missed him...

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

so, today.. went to meet my bro =) 
and yea, met his gf and her family. it is a very happy family. and i really adore the way they communicate.... it's so sweet and nice...
anyway, it is nice that the whole family flew from Indonesia juz to visit their daughters. lol. so sweet and nice right!
so we went for steamboat for dinner ^^
and here's some of the pics we took

bear with the pics quality.. i know its sucks.. coz i dont hav a proper camera yet.. its taken from my instant camera then my phone.... lol

 me and my bro

so u know which one is the gf right.. lol