Saturday, February 28, 2009

yesterday, i went to Taboo Bar with one of my besties. we were lost for 45 min under the drizzle. it was a disaster coz my hair was wet and my make up was getting smudge. we met a guy, E who was going there too. so, there we start to become friends. =)

we walked here and there... and finally, someone who knew the place and were going there led us the way!!! yay, finally, after an hour of search, we reached our destination Taboo.

chilled out there and dried up myself there. lol. luckily i dint get sick from the rain and air con. unfortunately, E was sick. hmm, i felt so bad coz i couldnt do anything to help him feel better.

we ordered 2 jugs of Gin with tonic. yucks, it was disgusting. but E likes it and H was ok with it. i swear i would never drink that again!!!!! omg, i'm feeling that taste in my taste bud now! yucky.. E, I dont unders10 why u like it.....hahahaha.

then we danced and shake everything out. it was fun and crazy! i totally enjoyed it. but then, the liquor started to dominate me. i felt sleepy. i juz wanted to sleep at that moment. but couldnt leave until E's friend was here. coz we could not leave him alone there. thats no good..
finally E's friend, S was here. lol. i really wanna dance and stay there but was so so sleepy and tired. argh!!!!!

anyway, i really like spending the time with my friends. but i miss talking to my baby..

Friday, February 27, 2009

relaxing myself at the TCC

NICE oloong tea

with cheese wedges

thanks for celebrating my bdae with me!!!!!miss ya!
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Thursday, February 26, 2009

yesterday met Marie, Hiok Yeong and James. had great fun and it has been three months since we last seen each other. we miss each other so much and there's never ending talking and sharing session. we went to liquid kitchen at upper thomson road then to Marrakesh Bar at Clarke Quay. it was crazily fun and we met new friends at Marrakesh bar.
new friends from Arab.

in the cab, heading to Clarke Quay
hiok, i know u're short... muahahaha... and small!!!
the food is so delicious. with my mango frappe, yummy!
hiok and Marie....
cute Marie at Liquid Kitchen...
it was a happy night!! miss u guys!

p.s.: leng shiew, stop being so wuliao.. lol

Monday, February 23, 2009

heyya everyone. sorry for the late update!!!!!! have been really busy with life. hmm, its the good way of busy coz i really enjoy those moments i had. i also hope u guys also have great time in ur college or working or sleeping or slacking... lol

anyway, here are my pics. but not the gathering pictures. paiseh. =__=''
coz my macbook got some problem and everything is reformatted. so,pls wait till i get back malaysia. so sorry.......

hmm, the pictures are not in order, they are abit messed up. lol. but i do hope u guys would enjoy the pictures as much as i enjoyed them =)

jing and the pretty waitress.
at The Peak, the tram going down the hill or maybe its a mountain??

i love this shop so much... can u guess why i lov it so much??
one of the moment where the MTR is empty!!!!!!! it used to be always crowded!!
desert at the 'feng yue tang', its superb!!!!! i cant forget how tasty and yummy it was!

cheese!!!!! in the middle of the hustle and bustle road!
nice harbour view!!!

one of my favorite picture!!! haha.
look at our different expression!!!! haha..
its not a 'pou tong' tea, it's the nicest milk tea i ever had!!!! mou de deng!
i'm hungry, where's my food!!!!!!!???????
y not camwhore a bit while waiting for food. lol
at the garden below the apartment! nice walk after our breakfast!
nice lake in the garden!
the typical Hong Kong breakfast
these are not my stuff. it's zong's stuff!!!! can u imagine mine?!

look nice but the food juz taste so...... i forced myself to finish them =(
rargh!!!!!! kill u.........

sweet memories.....

stop taking!! lol

nice hot spicy soup with sth taste like luncheon meat..

zong's aunt and mom. they are really nice person!!!
nice yummy dimsum!

view in front of jon's apartment. nice nice nice

this is jon. and he looks so korean... lol

i really enjoy my life there....... miss those time. sigh, can time rewind for me? or maybe fast forward so tat i can see my baby as soon as possible!!??

ahh...... now i need to get back on my research and to- do- list! catch up with u guys in msn ok.
take care!