Tuesday, March 31, 2009

sometimes, u feel that people just take u for granted.
there's nothing much u could do.
maybe jus wait and see when they will realize it.
or maybe i shld give up, stop waiting and just move on...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

i moved into my new condo in Setiawangsa, SeriMaya. It is a great, nice and quiet place.
juz finished unpacking my stuff again and now, i am so tired. need to do my homework which is due tmr!!!! argh!! (time is just not enough for me)

actually, today i took a train back from Ipoh to kl. it is my 1st time to take train. i was quite excited to be in the train, especially when there's friends which u're close too joining u. so i met shirley and her brother at the train station. this train station was built in 1917. it is a very nice building, all painted white. we boarded the train and yea, we were lucky because we got the seat with tables, and i can study all along the way. we thought we were lucky enough until we found out that the air condition broke down and yea, no AIR CON!!! wth. it was really suffocating and i sweat like mad!!! argh, i cant stand it anymore. shirley and i decided to check out the other cabin, unfortunately some cabins encountered the same problem and some cabin with air conditions are fully occupied. ok, we gave up looking for an empty seats, but we dint give up with the air con. we decided to seat on the floor in a cabin. so we dont care, carrying our laptop, enjoying our movies on the floor. lol. it was quite an experience and my butt was aching. lol. anyway, we finally reached kl central and we moved our way back to home.

there's 2 new housemates. they are really friendly and we hav some chitchat. wat is interesting is that they are from Germany. omg, wat a coincident!!!i mean it will be a good chance for me to learn german people and to ask them everything about germany. at the same time, i think we could exchange a lot of culture and ideas which would be great for me!! they are really nice and friendly. i'm really grateful to whatever that happens on me right now!!

tchus =) have a nice day !!!

unpacked my stuff, talked to my baby, and now, i need to go back to my work. i love my new room and new housem

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

hey people!!!!!!!! i have been quite busy these few days. moving down to kl, then getting use to the complicated street here in kl, learning my new language--deutsch, and cleaning my new rented room. rargh... time is just not enough for me. i really want to have extra time to catch up with all my friends here in kl and also with my most loved ones.

hmm, somehow, all of us get really tired and eventually, we ignore how others feel. we all care about ourselves and we are often inconsiderate to ppl around us. i was quite upset last night and try to hide my feeling by just forcing myself into my study mood.

ppl who care me and wants to know about me, they will read my blog. i just wanted to say, Thanks =) i cant live without u guys!!!!

Have a nice day!

Friday, March 13, 2009

today i have a cold war with my mom. i was quite childish and was planning to spend my night in STARBUCKS. after watching a very lame movie, my mind was finally clear an then i decided to go home. ahh, wat a stupid day i had..........

so tired of crying and regretted.

i need to change, seriously!

Friday, March 06, 2009





p.s.: time will heal.... i just need some time, understanding and care. no worries.