Monday, May 25, 2009

here are some pictures taken in South Korea. enjoy =)

Friday, May 15, 2009

i ended my A1 German course in Kuala Lumpur. and going to korea in May was a random decision which came true. after my exam, i flew to korea and thought of having a nice break while waiting for A2 to commence on 11th May. after the 9days in korea with him, i started to feel bored in korea.. i cant stand the food here. i was quite excited that i was actually going back on 11th.

but then, i called Goethe Institut (Kuala Lumpur) to check whether anyone registered the class and to confirm whether it'll starts on 11th. i called them on thursday 7th May 2009 and they told me that there was not enough participants and so we'll hav to wait till maybe the coming wednesday (13th May). i freaked out coz they need 7 ppl to start the class and there's only 2 registered. i dont want to waste my time waiting them to start A2 Level, so i called Goethe Institut in Seoul for more information of studying there.
p.s.: i extended my stay in korea because i was told that lesson gonna starts later than 11th May.

the next day, Friday (8th May), i called Goethe Institut (KUL)again. They told me they were not sure about the classes and THEY ASKED ME TO CONTACT MY FRIEND TO ASK THEM TO JOIN THE CLASS! im like wth. isn't this the 'whoever'  works inside Goethe Institut's job?! i discuss with my bf and so i decided to take the Diagnostic test in Goethe Institut, Seoul.

At 1st, i was kinda reluctant to stay in Korea and hav my German course here because i really cant stand the food here and i cant speak any Korean at all!!! but then, i cant bear it when i thought of doing nothing at all till September. but when i was in the institut in Seoul, i really love the environment. the institut situated in Namsan area. its a really nice place to study.

i met new friends in my class and they are all Koreans. Koreans really love to study and they are really hardworking. compare to the classes i had in KUL, the students here are really serious and diligent.

transportation system here is really good, but its too expensive for me. i almost spend 5USD daily juz on transportation.  

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

傷心 =(

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

hello from South Korea!

it's my 5th day in korea! everything has been so great to me.. im happy and contented.  =)

weather here is so nice and i enjoy it alot!

things are always good when u're with ur loved ones!!

take care everyone, and will update very soon =)