Thursday, June 11, 2009

i dont like this feeling. coz i know i did something guilty.
i hate myself for not being able to be there for Father's day. 
his hardworking figure keep on flashing in my mind. i cant control myself.
im sorry for not being there =(

im sorry. 

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

i juz got my airticket to return to malaysia! so excited! because im gonna meet all my friends once again. hooray!

hmm, having been staying in south korea for one month, it makes me realize lots of differences between Korea and South East Asia (Singapore, malaysia).  do u guys know what's the difference? well, i cant say which is better, because they all have their pros and cons. 

Women in Korea are really PRETTY! maybe that only apply to 70% of the women, however,almost all women here dress to kill. whenever i go out into seoul or nearby my apartment, 85%  of the women wear heels (sexy killer heels)! heels here are darn cheap. juz 19,000won for the cheapest pair i ever saw in seoul (macdonalds here cost around 11,000won for a meal, so u can imagine how cheap the heels are) the design and the quality of the heels is average for 19,000won. i think to get the same pair in msia or s'pore, u would need to pay RM80 or SGD45.
another reason they are pretty because 70% of them had plastic surgery. even guys go for plastic surgery in korea. so can u imagine how popular and normal plastic surgery is?! one of my classmates has done plastic surgery on her nose and eyes. my classmates told me that it is very very normal to 'alter' the nose and eyes. and thats one of the reason why all the koreans look similar. 
p.s.: im not against plastic surgery.

there's lots of delivery service in South Korea. almost every restaurant here have deliveries to every single house. the problem for us is that we cant speak korean and so we cant enjoy this special service available in korea. =(

everything here is monopolized. companies like LOTTE and SAMSUNG almost control everything. its very difficult to get foreign brand groceries here. for example, u cant really find colgate, maggi, etc. there's even samsung car here.and do u know that Korea is the only asia country which does not have IKEA? i try to search if there's IKEA in korea so tat i can get sth from there, but, i cant find any of them!!!!! OMG! am i living in a globalised world or where am i living now?! (i know im in korea, but sometimes, its too foreign for me! lol)

i love the transport system here although its expensive. apparently, its more expensive if u use bus compared to subway. why? because bus is much faster. why? because there's a special lane on the road where only bus can use them. isnt that cool? i think this is a great idea. if the government wants to encourage people to use public transport, then they have to make public transport unique and worth for such as having their own lane from the other private transports. this certainly helps lots of us to stay away from unwanted and undesirable TRAFFIC JAM!