Tuesday, July 14, 2009

all pictures are in reverse order. lol. upload them wrongly. so yea, the bottom part is our dinner's desert, omfg, its fxxking good as it is serve warm in such a cold weather!

the is the apple strudel pizza. very very yummy...
one is the prawn pizza and the other is satay chicken pizza. omg, i cant believe its so so GOOD!!! can i da bao back to Korea??
hmm... i prefer Singapore flyer. but zong told me it looks really nice at night. coz it is all white!
The bell tower in perth. nth much special.
in the botanical garden, King's Park. isnt the glass bridge looks nice? hehehehe..
at Cottlesloe(corrected by zong -__-) beach.

this one at the bottom, Fisherman's delight cost AUD$27.5 omg, its around RM90. how can i live here. lol
the seafood pasta, not really nice, in fact, it has weird taste. and it cost AUD$20. lol. Marinara Pasta

cute little puppy!

though it was nice weather in the afternoon, at night, it is friggin cold. it went as cold as 1.5 degrees celcius. shaking cold...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

hello!!!!!! the weather was not reallly nice for the past few days. but now, im enjoying the clear blue sky... letting the sun to burn my skin. lol
food is nice, people is great, and weather is friggin cold.
i'll be back this coming friday to msia. i kinda miss the hot humid weather.

i love this place..... clean and quiet.
isnt the river clean and refreshing?

really nice. my 1st time of having 'creamy' cocktail.
zong and his sis at the lounge
zong @ his backyard
my 1st meal cooked by zong!!!!!
jing with her freshly baked cream puffs.
they are good at kitchen!
this is beautiful Perth!! Lolx

anyway, cant wait to see my baby this coming saturday!!!!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

dint do anything much today. juz some reflections on myself and some TVBS shows.
there's always a moment to feel like this.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

hello, am now in perth, at zong's house.
it's really cold here and i really like the place.
foods are great and people like zong is really nice=)
hope everyone enjoy their day to the fullest!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

hello everyone. im back to ipoh!!! hooray. have been eating, eating and ... eating. lol
really afraid that i'll gain weight.(actually, im gaining!!!! T_T)
i missed all my new friends and old friends. time really flies and the past few months, i've been moving from Singapore to KL to Seoul. been really busy moving around, study, making new friends and keeping in touch with old friends. below are some random photos taken during the past few months. please enjoy!!!!!

shirley and biang, on our way to Wangsa Maju to have dinner!!!

anna and alexis taken while celebrating Anna's birthday!

biang's friend, i call him 'hong zhong xiu ye'. he loves taking picture!

as u can see, the three of them, really like camwhoring in my room.lol

my brother.

my dad and my mom at my dad's orchard.

my dad's precious trees...he takes lots of efforts to maintain and grow them.

leng shiew came visit me when i was in singapore. this is our favorite dessert. yummy..

yummy.... saliva dropping now..

on our way to shopping in singapore. it was a hot hot day like now!

well, i miss all the moments i've spent with my family and friends! and more yet to come! =)