Thursday, August 27, 2009

i went back to the hospital and get my report. it was not life threatening, but it is life torturing. =(

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

i actually have lots of picture to upload, but i dont have some of them. i'll upload those later. meanwhile, lemme show u guys some. this is a picture taken last saturday when we are on our way to meet Taya to decorate a cake for Linda. She's leaving to India soon and so, there's a farewell party held at Linda's place. actually i was kinda excited cause i never been to a shop where u can decorate the cake by avoiding the steps to make cake. it was always very troublesome when one think about making cake and personalized them to their loved ones. right? when i entered the shop, i was amused(see below). 

those pictures which are hanging, is crazily beautifully decorated. of coz we wished to be able to decorate sth like them. (please sont be horrify by our artwork later! lol)

i think she's the shop owner.
u can see how good her business is. 
we choose our ingredients here to decorate. cake is already prepared and even nicely coated with icing. so out job is just to personalized them. isnt fun??!!
we choose stars, choco chips and greentea chips....... 
Taya trying very hard to do her best while the other 2 guys trying very hard to ruin her efforts. LMAO

planning what to do...
tada, our artwork!!!!!!!!

i know it doesnt look nice, but we hav tried our best. decorating a cake isnt easy. 

as u can see, the shop was quite crowded. it was really fun coz u can fool around when decorating with no worries of cleaning all the mess we did! 

to be continued....

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

trip with my baby in SEA. it was a 2 weeks trip and we dint actually take lots of picture. we did lots of fun things and of coz shopping!!!!!!!!! shopping in Bangkok was crazy.

Friday, August 14, 2009

sadly, i have to admit when one is alone, one will think about the happiest moment have had.
and apparently, my happiest moment was staying in the hostel, with friends messing around and crazying, doing random things like saying last minute, lets go for movie or lets go out for lunch. it was crazy but fun. it was a waste of time but the most unforgettable. it was meaningless by then but the thing we all now crave desperately now. 

i wish everything could be rewind and freeze. 
im listening to 988 in Seoul. 
just quarreled with him again.
it should be a talk actually which was to help him and to let him realize it. 
but ended up me sitting in front of the pc alone, crying...
listening to the song makes me cry even more, i want to call wing hing, but i cant reach him. 
he's the only one which i can cry to.... now, in Seoul, i have everything, but its HOLLOW!!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

for one weird point tat i wanted to post is that i miss life in singapore. 
true tat i used to hate life there and can't wait to escape away from it. and now i'm away, far far away from it, there's a tingling sensation that reminds all my memories in singapore. 

at this time, this moment last year, i might be sitting at the Novena Square's Satrbucks with lengshiew, studying and gossiping and drinking my hot cafe latte. or maybe i'll be in the hostel, studying or taking my nap. suyi may be studying in the study room, xinyi might be at the library, yineng mightbe hanging out with aunloong.....i really miss those days. although it was stress and very undesirable, still those are the moments that defines me and which shapes me into what i am now. 

if i were in singapore now, i would call everyone out for gathering, if not, at least i would call each and everyone of u guys. 

can u guys send me your contact number to my email so tat i can call u guys? i lost all the contact numbers because i changed my handy. 

i miss u all so so much!!!!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

one month of my vacation ended just a blink, as if yesterday i just left Korea back to my home sweet home. well, i really spent lots of quality time back in my cosy little shop-house with my family. on 5th July, i went to Perth. and i was really excited cause im going to meet friends i havent met for long. though its a few hours flight, its like sitting on the plane for decades, i cant wait to hop off the plane and said 'hello' to my friend. when i saw him, and i thought my great journey in Perth was going to begin soon. However, things dint end up the way i expected. i dint really enjoy my 1st week when i was there. cause most of the time, i was just staying in the house. and then, i start questioning myself whether i shld go back Malaysia spending time with my parents. i have sacrifice my time with them to come and visit and have fun with him, but it dint end up that way at 1st. so i was rather disappointed. i'm sorry if that week i've been using up your internet allowable usage, but please bear in mind that im in the house for the whole day, i dunno how to make ur dvd player work normally and internet is the only entertainment i got by then. i woke up at 10am and i tried to wake u up, but then u ended waking up at 8pm for that day, so tell me what should i do?! besides surfing and entertaining myself with internet.

i want to apologise if i used lots of electricity. but i really couldnt stand the cold. at least can u please try to think on my side for once. i came from a country where the temperature is as high as 35 degree celcius. but out of sudden, i was in a winter country where temperature at night is like less that 10 degree celcius, somemore in the house is much colder, i really got sick for the 1st few days. i dont want to be suspected being infected with swine flu because of the symptoms. lol. and i really appreciate if u can understand this point. =)

and yea, i dont mind u teasing me or having me nicknames. but just make sure u dont do it in front of people whom i'm not tat close with. because i'm a girl who needs some respect too. it feels like ppl calling u a loser in front of ur schoolmates. me being consent doesnt mean that im not hurt. just try to be more sensitive to others even if they are close to u. 

oh, i am trying to get the contact u wanted. but dint see him online these few days. i'll try my best to get it for u. 

dont feel offended. im sorry if i had. and i'm in korea now, will send u the phone no soon =)
take care.