Tuesday, August 25, 2009

i actually have lots of picture to upload, but i dont have some of them. i'll upload those later. meanwhile, lemme show u guys some. this is a picture taken last saturday when we are on our way to meet Taya to decorate a cake for Linda. She's leaving to India soon and so, there's a farewell party held at Linda's place. actually i was kinda excited cause i never been to a shop where u can decorate the cake by avoiding the steps to make cake. it was always very troublesome when one think about making cake and personalized them to their loved ones. right? when i entered the shop, i was amused(see below). 

those pictures which are hanging, is crazily beautifully decorated. of coz we wished to be able to decorate sth like them. (please sont be horrify by our artwork later! lol)

i think she's the shop owner.
u can see how good her business is. 
we choose our ingredients here to decorate. cake is already prepared and even nicely coated with icing. so out job is just to personalized them. isnt fun??!!
we choose stars, choco chips and greentea chips....... 
Taya trying very hard to do her best while the other 2 guys trying very hard to ruin her efforts. LMAO

planning what to do...
tada, our artwork!!!!!!!!

i know it doesnt look nice, but we hav tried our best. decorating a cake isnt easy. 

as u can see, the shop was quite crowded. it was really fun coz u can fool around when decorating with no worries of cleaning all the mess we did! 

to be continued....

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