Sunday, September 27, 2009

i just called my mom, knowing that she just had her great experienced in her life. and now she's enjoying time with the kids and the family in Genting. when i heard that all of them are having fun up there at the peak, my heavy day just out of sudden become so lighthearted. everything just seems bright, and i hope this kind of feeling can last FOREVER!

now i have so many things to worry, and i really hate the feeling when u need to worry this and worry that. it just feels like it will never end and i will keep worrying and struggle until my last breath. is this worth it or not? when i choose another path, and it is necessary to undergo all this? i start questioning myself whether my brave act started to become an escaping route?!

Friday, September 25, 2009

so, its autumn in Korea. after school and hanging out with my friend, i went to Lake Park with Taya. the park is walking distance to where i live and its very beautiful. lots of people said that autumn in South korea is very colourful. maybe it's still early now, the trees are still green and oni abit yellowish.

the lake that we usually walk around.

can u spot the moon?

trying to capture the moon into the scenery.

this is Taya, hello, wat r u looking for??

am having break now from my german class, becoz of Chuseok day in korea. Chuseok day is a thanksgiving day in South korea.

and am now busying with my german school! rargh!!!