Wednesday, March 23, 2011

after so long... i think i will start blogging about my life again.

there's alot of changes during the time of which i did not blog. well, it is true that the only certainty is changes. living in germany indeed is an eye opener for me. i learned so much about life and new thoughts keep flowing towards me until i do not have enough time to digest every of them. i hope i can jot down every of my experiences into my scrapbook. but somehow, that would never happen.

i am lost in the outside world. i do not know what i should do right now. my path is just so dark for me. i do not know if i have made the right choices. i do not know if i should continue what i have started or start all over again. i think the answer lay deep within my heart, but somehow i am just too tired and afraid to face it all by myself.

can anyone please give me some motivation??

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