Saturday, December 24, 2011

it is christmas!!!! my first real christmas in germany. well, i got what i always wanted this year, and that is my best christmas gift of all.
so i celebrated christmas with Daniel's family here in Berlin. it was stressed. but i enjoyed everything. hmm... if you would ask me how is christmas in germany, i would say it is almost the same as our chinese new year's celebration. the differences are foods, culture and beliefs. So, on christmas's eve, they will prepare nice food and gifts. ohh, the most important thing is the Christmas tree!!!! it is totally fun to set up christmas tree.
we always only get to see the fake christmas tree in asian, but here, it is real!!!! they are humongous and the tree gives out some special scent, which gives us the feeling of Christmas. More pictures will be uploaded later. Merry Christmas!!!!!!

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